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5 Wedding Decor Tips you don't want to miss

January 28, 2015

Centerpiece KISS Theory


Keep it simple sweetie. Many brides think that more is better, which doesn’t always work. As an award-winning designer I’m a big believer in making a statement, especially when it comes to centerpieces since they have the biggest impact in large spaces. However, making a statement should be done tastefully and usually that means keeping it simple. When working with our clients I always try and create that wow factor, while balancing the space in order to avoid what I call an overcrowded eyesore. Some of the nicest events I’ve designed have that balance throughout and it’s important not to let a beautiful individual pictures on Pinterest cloud that perspective.



The Art of Draping


Creative draping involves experienced draping designers that know how to work with textiles in unique ways. Anyone can drape a room if they’ve watched a YouTube video, but the goal is to ensure your event looks rich and the craftsmanship is something you don’t want to cut corners on. I’ve walked into many draped venues and there is a big difference between an ok draping job and a great one. A few things to keep in mind when shopping your quotes is:

  • Quality of the fabric is crucial to ensuring the drapes look lush. Cheap fabric looks cheap, so make sure you work with a company that has a reputation for using quality materials.

  • Cleaned and Pressed. The naked eye may not see the drapes imperfections, but all too many times the cameras do, and the last thing you want is dirty and wrinkled drapes behind your head table in all your pictures.

  • Craftsmanship is most important. It’s hard to tell when booking your event whether or not a company uses great draping artists, so pay attention to the price you are being charged. It’s usually a good indicator of the quality they strive to provide. Great draping artists are not easy to find, so if you’re being charged less, as the saying goes, you’re going to get what you pay for.



Ceilings are also important


Don’t neglect the ceilings at your event. Sometimes the biggest impact can be created by designing something interesting from the ceiling. Many venues have restrictions, but if you have the opportunity to design something unique, take it. A floral motif, hanging chandeliers, you can be as creative as your budget allows. Many clients will ask if they should drape a ceiling, but unless you’re in a tent or the ceiling is really high, I would recommend opting for something different. If you are going to drape a ceiling make sure it’s draped with purpose, otherwise it can make your space feel very congested. Remember to always consider the space and always consult an event designer to help ensure you’re doing the right thing.





Ambiance is one of the most important factors in creating the right atmosphere and setting the perfect mood. Lighting almost always gets overlooked or brushed aside as an afterthought and as a result, usually not heavily invested. On the contrary, lighting should be second on the priority list after flowers. There are many different types of lighting fixtures that achieve various results, and it’s important to first determine what your goal is. For the right ambiance, décor lighting fixtures should be your main focus, and in many cases using DJ lights are counterproductive; as they create more of a nightclub feel. There are lighting fixtures that can do both, but lighting design is also an art like flowers or draping and must be executed properly; colour mixing, light distribution, strategic rigging and power requirements are all part of a knowledgeable lighting designer. Make sure to explore all your options as sometimes it seems logical to just have your DJ deal with it, when in fact what you really need is a more sophisticated lighting system and a designers vision to get the job done.



Structures & Props


Don’t be afraid to use props. No I’m not referring to large animal props, but rather elegant props that turn dull entrance areas or head tables into masterpiece focal points.  Don’t be afraid to bring in some dramatic pieces or custom create something that screams wow. A great designer knows how to integrate custom structures and props into your event to make it stand out from the rest. If the budget fits, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and do something that really wow’s people. P.S they also look amazing in photos!



Written By: Raviv K

Creative Director - R5 Event Design


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