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What's Event Design?

What exactly is Event Design? Is it the same as Event Planning? Well, not quite… Event Designers are decor specialists that can masterfully design your event as well as execute the design by building, constructing and putting together astonishing aesthetics! They can also be floral designers, and create beautiful bridal flowers and centerpiece creations. At R5 Event Design, we’ve also mastered the art of lighting design and draping to create stunning atmospheres & unique draping designs. Event Planners are specialists at logistics, planning and coordinating your big day. Often times they can recommend vendors that will save their client money due to preferred pricing that the client may not be able to receive on their own. Event Designers work closely with Planners to ensure your event looks perfect and runs smoothly. If you have both, we can guarantee that your event will be executed flawlessly, both visually and in terms of scheduling! They are both very creative and full of incredible ideas to ensure that your event details are perfect. A great Event Designer works closely with the client from the very beginning. From the first meeting they’ll ask the right questions: about the venue, the couple (or the business if it’s a corporate event), their vision, and all of their likes and dislikes as well as the budget. Once the meeting is complete, our Event Designers create drawings, 3D renderings, inspiration/ mood boards and visuals to go along with the contract. There’s a lot of planning with as to how these décor elements come together; after all, every event is a big deal! On the day of the event, while a Planner is out coordinating the schedule of the day, the Event Design team works on site to execute the decor. This includes everything from draping artistry, hanging chandeliers, positioning and finalizing the floral arrangements and centerpieces, setting up the lighting design, laying out the furniture and really making the event worthy of a thousand pictures. Usually there’s a huge team working all day behind the scenes! This A-List team includes draping artists, florists, lighting technicians and audio/visual experts as well as the rest of our dedicated staff. At R5 Event Design we often custom-build our décor elements, so you can really expect something unique and beautiful every single time. R5 Event Design is a full-service event decor company located in Toronto that specializes in awe-inspiring: Floral Design, Furniture Rentals, Drapery, Lighting Design and Production. We can help you design your Wedding, Engagement Party, Corporate Event, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah or any other huge milestone in life! For additional information email one of our brilliant event designers at

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